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Adventure Canine Boarding

For those times your dog can't come with you, we're here.


About Boarding

Please note, Adventure Canine boarding is reserved for dogs that have gone through our training.

There are times that we have to part ways with our dogs. Work, travel, and fun outings that are for people only can be a drag for your dog. Boarding is a word that usually brings along feelings of loneliness and bummer-ness.


But not with Adventure Canine!

  • Get adequate exercise and stimulation each day

  • Practice socialization and good indoor/outdoor behavior principles

  • Be watched closely during all active hours of the day

  • Be fed and cared for given YOUR specifications (food type, quantity and frequency)

  • Be photographed/videoed multiple times throughout the boarding process to show you all the fun they're having!

  • Feel like a part of the Adventure Canine Family

  • Be locked in a crate or fenced kennel for all hours of the day

  • Be monitored by under qualified staff

  • Feel isolated, scared, or alone

What to expect

Check out what your dog will experience while boarding with Adventure Canine:

Your dog WILL:

Your dog WILL NOT:

Some of our happy clients!

Booking inquiries for boarding should be sent to

Add training sessions to your dog's stay!

Holiday Pricing
$75/Day* during the Holiday Week
(July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years)


Standard Boarding
$40/day* (Trained Clients Only)**

*Boarding is counted by the day, not by the night (an overnight stay will be charged as 2 days)

**Haven't trained with us yet? Reach out to see your options for integrating into our pack!

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