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Happy Boarding and Training Clients


"Before Brooke worked with Diesel, he was energetic and headstrong. After she worked with him he was still energetic but she showed me the proper toolkit and mentality to work with him effectively. Brooke understands what dogs need and she approaches the training in a logical manner. After seeing her work with him I was able to learn techniques that allowed me to have a healthy relationship with my dog. I am able to better understand his cues and effectively communicate what I want him to do."


"Brooke has been working with my German shepherd Marco - he is dog reactive but since working with Brooke he can now be around other dogs without lunging at them and showing teeth. We can even play off leash with other dogs too! Thanks Brooke!"


"Brooke has been an absolute lifesaver, I work out of town on a regular basis and can always rely on her at a moments notice. Having someone like her taking care of my baby boy “Nubs” gives me the peace of mind I need to stay focused on my work when I’m away. My bully has all kinds of medical issues, she administers his meds, cleans his eyes, and spends quality time with him every time she shows when I get home and he’s actually a little disappointed it’s me and not her, lol. I could not recommend her enough to anyone looking for a trustworthy sitter you can rely on. Thank you Brooke, you’re the best!!!"


"Did a fantastic job with my best bud. Came out with manners but his loving personality still holds through. It was tough to not have my guy for three weeks, but Brooke made it much easier. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat."


"We absolutely LOVE Adventure Canine Training! Brooke has and continues to go above our expectations. We rescued a puppy which was a tricky decision on our part because we have two small children at home. Knowing that we didn’t have the time or knowledge to train her ourselves, we reached out to Brooke. From the moment we reached out to her...she has helped talked us through the early days of puppy life until she was able to get Daisy at 6 months old. We got Daisy back today from a 3 week train with Brooke. And while we know we MUST continue the training at home, we are so IMPRESSED with how far she has come. While Daisy was with Brooke we got daily updates and videos if not once, sometimes even multiple times a day! We can’t thank Brooke enough for helping our family be able to share adventure together"

"I have nothing but amazing things to say about Brooke. She surpassed every expectation I had by a long shot. My pup, Zuko, had so many bad habits that I didn’t feel like I had the tools or knowledge to work through on my own. Brooke not only gave me the knowledge and tools, but also the confidence and reassurance that I needed to continue on my own training journey with Zuko. While Zuko still has work to do, the progress he’s made is astounding. Things I didn’t know he could do, HE’S DOING! I used to dread playing with him (he’s a biter), but now we have a blast together. I also couldn’t take him on walks, due to his fear of cars and the road. Now he’s strolling down the streets like he owns them! Just amazed. On top of that, Brooke constantly sent me videos, pictures and texts with updates (and I mean almost hourly!), which really made it easier to not be with him for 3 weeks. The passion and dedication that Brooke has for dogs and for educating the owner is so evident in her personality and is really inspiring. I know I can always reach out to her for advice and questions. Zuko and I are so lucky to have someone so amazing in our corner. I could not recommend her more!!!! If anyone reading this isn’t sure whether or not to send your doggo to Brooke, DO IT!!!! Best decision you’ll ever make."


"We are so thankful to have found our way to Brooke and Adventure Canine. Brooke trained our girl, and now it’s like we live with a different dog. She is also the only person we would ever board our dog with. We know when she’s with Brooke and crew, she’s getting amazing care, lots of love, and lots of play time. They’re VERY highly recommended by us."

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