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Training and
Behavior Modification 
Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about our training methods? Check out these frequently asked!

  • Are you the right trainer for me?
    That's something that we will learn together as we move through the discovery process! Hopefully, if you've made it this far on the website, you’ve gained a firm understanding of our training philosophy and methods at Adventure Canine. From here, the next step is always open communication. When we talk about your dog and your specific situation we will both be able to decide whether or not Adventure Canine is the best fit for your dog. Being open to new training techniques, and coming into the program understanding that there is a problem that needs to be fixed will allow for progress to begin quickly.
  • Will your program fix all of my dog's issues/accomplish all of our goals after one board and train/session package?
    There are so many variables that go into the efficacy and longevity of the results provided by a training program. These variables include things like genetics, the severity of the problem behaviors, consistency in implementing guidelines and training principles beyond the program/sessions, among others. The short answer is that dog training isn't a just one time affair - you can't develop a perfect dog in a single session, package, or multiple week board and train. If you trained a dog for 3 years straight, and then let things slip for 3 weeks, regression would occur. Our programs and methods are proven to be effective in the short and long term, SO LONG AS you continue to do the work necessary to maintain these changes and invest in follow up appointments as needed.
  • What do you use to motivate the dogs for training?
    Many trainers stick with only using food based rewards, but we prefer to figure out what motivates each individual dog. If a dog is eating out of your hand, it’s not our place to determine that it’s the only motivational reward for the dog. We use a variety of methods to motivate dogs with play and bond building being our primary focus. We spend quality time teaching dogs about play etiquette and how to play. Fetch, tug, wrestling, keep away: dogs thrive when this social interaction is prominent in their lives. It’s a crucial part of their mental health! However, there are some dogs that aren’t playful no matter how hard we try. For them, movement, freedom, affection, and/or high value food typically works best!
  • What training methods/tools do you use, and why?
    Dog training is all about communication. In order to effectively communicate with anyone (dog or human), you need a wide enough vocabulary to express what you need, what you want, or just what you have to say. Different training goals require different language, and your vocabulary with your dog is expanded through the use of multiple training methods and tools. At Adventure Canine, our vocabulary is expanded through all four psychological quadrants of learning and a variety of training tools. We use training tools such as prong collars and E-Collars layered in over known commands to ensure reliability AFTER the dogs are properly conditioned to the tools. The most important thing is that the tools are used in a humane, productive way with correct timing. We do NOT use fear, force, or pain to teach commands. We DO teach dogs how to confidently take appropriate corrections and teach dogs how to avoid making mistakes in the future which leads to truly, reliable dogs!
  • What makes your training style different from other trainers?
    In dog training, there is a spectrum of methods that range from using positive only techniques (praise, treats and other pleasurable rewards ONLY) and those who focus exclusively on utilizing harsher punishments and intimidation. At Adventure Canine we understand that every dog is completely unique, and one set of tools and strategies may not work for every single dog. We utilize humane and safe strategies to reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviors (teaching the dog what NO means, using negative reinforcement, etc), and a unique system of play and movement based reward to raise the dog’s energy level and morale while rewarding what we want to see. Basically, we’ve combined the best of all training methods in a way that can be reliable and tailored to any dog with the least discomfort and the most fun!

Have more questions?

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