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Training & Behavior Modification

A training program developed for your specific dog's needs to improve behavior and bring you closer together

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About Training


All training programs at Adventure Canine are designed to create REAL and lasting change in your dog's behavior and habits so that you can enjoy each other as you were meant to.

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This real change takes time and investment - dog training is a lifelong process, and these programs and packages are meant to get your journey started to be maintained for the lifespan of your dog.

If you're ready to change the way that you and your dog(s) interact and live together, check out our training and behavior modification options listed below!

Want to see more about what the experience will be like for your dog while being boarded and trained - Click Here to learn more about our boarding service. If you have questions, be sure to check out our FAQs for additional information!

Pricing & Packages


Board and Train (6 months and Up) Starting at 4 weeks


Your dog will spend four or more weeks at the Adventure Canine residence for an in depth and concentrated program that focuses both on the correction of unwanted behaviors/habits as well as developing new skills and positive abilities! We then proof these new skills around distractions and in public places. 


Consultation and Training Sessions Package

$1,250/4 Sessions

(Up to 90


Sometimes you just need some advice and direction when it comes to training your dog. Before or after a board and train program at Adventure Canine, we'll meet you where your dog needs some work and walk you through the action steps you can take to improve your dog's behavior on your own. Click below to find out if you're eligible!


Behavior Modification Training Program
Starting at 6 weeks


Similar to the three week Board and Train, your dog will spend this time in a high focus, productive training environment for 4-6 weeks, allowing for urgent correction of more severe behavior issues or elongated programs for psychological issues. This is not a program designed for dogs with a noteworthy of human aggression.


Aggression Training


This program is designed for dogs that have exhibited aggression towards humans, or severe aggression towards other dogs. If there is a human bite history with your dog, this program will automatically be the default. There is no defined length of time for this program, but we initially shoot for around 2-3 months.

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*Prices include deposit, ecollar, prong collar, and other training gear.

** 4-6 week board and train pricing and availability may vary based on the specific needs of the dog.

Ask about our payment plan!

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