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About Adventure Canine Training

Have you ever longed to take your dog with you on a hike, to town, or on vacation, but your dog doesn't have reliable or consistent obedience?
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Dog Training With a Purpose

Whether it’s nature adventures, public events, or simple walks around the neighborhood, many dog owners don’t realize that teaching obedience behaviors is only a small portion of what goes into training a dog for the real world.

What matters MOST is learning how to effectively communicate with your dog, reading their body language, and building a strong bond through play and social interaction.

The other half is about learning to become an effective communicator with your dog and understanding what they are saying to you through their body language and other key markers. From there, two-way communication and cooperation take place!


From there, we can expand into teaching you and your dog how to behave in public, nature, and any other away from home situation. That way you and your dog are sure to have the most enjoyable time possible! 

We aim to help dog lovers express their love in the best way possible - through shared adventures that include them too.

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Ready for 


Take the next step!

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